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"Self-Love is Free"

Throughout my life, I’ve learned that the more loving I am toward myself, the more loving I am with others. This happens because LOVE is our natural state of being. The more we allow it to come out, the more it presents itself. When we love ourselves, we love others. When we love others, we love ourselves. We are mirrors and reflections of one another.

"Believing With Love"

Do you believe with love? No, that’s not a typo. I know people usually ask, “Do you believe in love?” But I want to know if you believe with love. If you don’t, you’re probably missing out. If you do, your life can change in a big way.

We all have beliefs, and whether or not they’re true, we accept them as true. So, the question is, where do your beliefs come from? Do they come from a place of love, or do they come from a place of fear?

"The Love Standard"

Healing sets the soul free. Now, that simple little sentence is packed with some pretty powerful language. For one thing, what is healing, and how does it free the soul?

The most impactful definition of healing I’ve ever heard is the one I learned while I was earning my master’s degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica (USM).

At USM, they described healing as “Applying love to the places that hurt inside.” Let’s pause right there and take that in for a moment: Healing is applying love to the places that hurt inside.



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